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Latin American Quality Institute (LAQI) is a private, non-profit organization founded in Panama City, whose purpose is to foster and support the competitiveness of Latin American companies and organizations, promoting a culture of Total Responsibility through the methodology “LAEM” which forms the concepts of: Total Quality, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development, Fair Trade, and Educational Quality.

LAQI provides business intelligence for more than 3000 companies in the region, through the development of conferences and international corporate meetings, which are recognized as the best in the field of Quality. In the same way, LAQI produces monthly the "Quality Magazine", leading magazine of responsible and quality businesses, as well as research reports.



  • To play a leading role in establishing and sustaining a regional quality infrastructure that enhances the competitiveness of the Latin American economic system.

  • Increase commitments to Total Quality management in Latin American organizations, offering them the necessary tools to achieve this goal, and recognizing them with the purpose of motivating them to continue on this path.


  • Being the driver of Quality that contributes to the development of the global competitiveness of the Latin American economy, and of the continent as a whole.

  • To reach every place in Latin America with our knowledge and with the success experiences of our members in order to highlight our region before the other nations of the world through their commitment to Quality.


In Latin American Quality Institute we have as main values:
  • Ethics
  • Transparency
  • Autonomy
  • Respect


Our objectives are focused on the development of standards, procedures and standards of Quality directed to the different categories of the market.

For the present decade (2010-2020), we have established a set of standards and procedures called "LAEM = Latin American Excellence Model".

Latin American Quality Institute grants Certifications and Decorations based on the criteria developed by our professionals. The purpose of delivering these distinctions is to continue to stimulate and motivate companies and entrepreneurs throughout Latin America to continue along the path of Total Quality.

Thus, we operate jointly with governmental and non-governmental organizations in the five continents, who support the same objectives pursued by our organization. Through these international agreements, Latin American Quality Institute seeks to unify standards and procedures to certify globally competitive and committed companies


Latin American Quality Institute does not publish the names of companies, organizations or their products that have not been selected, nor will we reproduce all the information of their entry in our corporate meetings. Therefore, the result of your participation in the prizes, as the case may be, will remain confidential.

Traders may mark any commercially sensitive information contained in their entry as "NOT FOR PUBLICATION". The organizers reserve the right to use the information contained in the winners' commercial database (in addition to contact information and any content not marked for publication) for subsequent publicity, promotions and other activities related to the program. Acknowledgments. Please check with our Institutional Relations Department for more detailed information by writing to: /


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