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The pillar of our organization

Since 2001, the year in which we started this great Total Responsibility project throughout the region, we have provided our member companies with an ideal model of organization that promotes actions based on good corporate practices, continuous improvement of processes and social responsibility. All these concepts and their application are included in a methodology that is now known as LAEM.

The Latin American Excellence Model - LAEM is a Model of Excellence and Management developed by LAQI to meet the needs of companies and organizations in Latin America. Elaborated on the basis of the 40 + 10 actions of LAQI, the LAEM brings together a set of actions that form the concept of Total Responsibility.

More than any other Model of Excellence, the LAEM is responsible for making Excellence and Quality a Latin American priority and, in this way, disseminating best practices, continuous improvement and Total Responsibility in the region. Participants in this Model of Excellence are divided into three levels:

Level 1: Commitment to Excellence

This level is divided into two stages:

  • Overall self-assessment of the organization following the LAEM criteria. Finding relevant areas for improvement.

  • Implementation and deployment of an improvement plan based on self-assessment. The company presents a Public Commitment in writing. This level is certified by an official validator.

Level 2: Recognition of Excellence

The organization is well managed and moves towards a high level of excellence. It is based on the complete model of the LAEM. The report is made, document that reports the progress of the company according to its commitment to the Model of Excellence, the same that is verified by evaluators.

Level 3: Organizations that have been certified and awarded the Latin American Quality Awards

They are given a score that allows them to compare with other organizations. Scope applies to the entire organization. It is a Global Management Model and this is its main difference, for example, from the ISO 9000 family standards.


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