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Latin American Quality Institute established for the present decade (2010-2020) a series of norms, procedures and standards of Quality called "LAEM", and that are directed to the different categories of the market.

Our Certifications and Decorations are based on criteria with high quality standards developed by a team of highly qualified professionals, who are specialists in the subject. The purpose of delivering these distinctions is to continue to stimulate and motivate companies and entrepreneurs throughout Latin America to continue along the path of Total Quality.

In this way, the organization elaborates the following recognitions:

Total Quality Management

Certificate that recognizes and certifies the Total Quality of the products and services offered by your organization. It has international validity and is recognized in more than 100 countries through exclusive cooperation agreements of the Latin American Quality Institute.

Quality Manager

International Certificate awarded to leading Latin American leaders, certifying the excellence of your management and successes as a benefactor of Total Quality Management.

Quality Assurance Manager

International certificate that recognizes the professional or the group of professionals in charge of maintaining the differentiated organization, and daily worries in the assurance of the Total Quality. Latin American Quality Institute is proud to certify each year to the most successful Quality professionals, and to be able to share successful experiences together with them.


The member certificate granted by the Latin American Quality Institute recognizes the member's status annually and confers the benefits insured and granted by the organization, as well as the possibility of accessing exclusive services in allied international organizations.

Businessman of the Year

Exclusive certification to the participants of the prizes awarded in the editions of Quality Summits in countries like Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico and Peru. These events are developed between the months of March and June of each year, and are the result of the positive study on the level of quality in the companies of the region.


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